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Co-Occurring Diagnoses

In recovery communities and treatment centers substance use is commonly referred to as a symptom of underlying issues. Many people who meet criteria for a substance use disorder can also experience symptoms of mood, thought, personality, eating, and trauma/stress related disorders.

According to a research study in 2012, about half of all persons who seek treatment for dual diagnosis meet the psychiatric criteria for PTSD. People with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders are diagnosed with PTSD five times more often than the rest of the population. At Boardwalk Recovery, we screen and assess for these disorders in order to provide individualized care and referrals to address the whole person.

Treatment and Hope

The Boardwalk Recovery Center treatment team specializes in all alcohol and substance use disorders. Our clinicians have extensive experience diagnosing and treating substance use, mood, personality, and trauma/stress related disorders.

Our treatment process emphasizes case management, individual, and group therapies so that you or your loved one can thrive. Our experiential therapies, from meditating to outdoor group therapy outings, encourage everyone in our programs to replace unhealthy behaviors with new hobbies and activities that promote healthy and happy mindsets.

Life can be good again and we’d like to show you how.

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