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Treatment Center

Boardwalk Recovery Center exists for those struggling with drug, alcohol and addictive behaviors. Our mission is to help all of those trapped within these unhealthy lifestyles so that they can live free of depression, family trouble, financial issues and ultimately these recurring attempts at recovery that don’t quite succeed. The reason many people are unable to find help in recovery is that they don’t know where to look, nor do they have the foundational knowledge for recovery to be successful.

We treat the following addictions:

We provide the latest evidence-based treatments that are proven to be successful. We offer a safe and nurturing environment that can help to inspire those in recovery to engage actively with their peers and counselors during therapy and activities. Community involvement and social engagement are layered throughout each customized treatment plan. Communication and self-love alongside the belief that a higher power is at work will help our clients move beyond the need for addiction and look to love.

Boardwalk’s Intensive Outpatient Program features:

Life can be good again and we’d like to show you how.
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