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Family Program And Support Group

Overcoming Addiction with Family Support

Addiction can be a daunting and lonely journey, not just for the person struggling with it, but also for their family and friends. Having a strong support network can greatly reduce the difficulties one might face alone. At Boardwalk Recovery, we strongly advocate for the healing benefits of community and family support.

That’s the reason behind our Family Program. It’s designed to educate clients’ families about addiction and the necessary steps towards recovery. Additionally, those who’ve been a part of our Family Program are invited to join our Family Support Group. This group offers virtual meetings where families can access expert and relevant advice on maintaining long-term sobriety.

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Boardwalk Recovery Family Program

When someone you care about is battling addiction, it’s natural that you also experience the effects of their substance use. Understanding the balance between supporting and enabling them can be difficult, as is looking after your own well-being while they’re dependent. It’s also challenging to figure out how to offer the right kind of support, with appropriate boundaries, as they navigate their path to recovery.

We encourage you to meet our committed rehabilitation counselors at Boardwalk Recovery. They are well-equipped to educate you about the nature of addiction and the ways to progress forward. Through our Family Program, you have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with our counselors, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the addiction and recovery process.

Program Details and Itinerary

Our virtual Family Program is conducted in person and Zoom, allowing for a broader range of participants and easier access. To secure your place, please make sure to RSVP. The sessions are scheduled as follows:

Support Group

Building on our virtual Family Program, we’ve introduced the Boardwalk Recovery Family Support Group. This group is open to all family members who have completed the Family Program. It’s designed to further the knowledge and skills gained in the Family Program, offering a more in-depth understanding and support.

Led by experienced mental health professionals, our support group provides a space for continued learning and insight into addiction recovery and sustaining long-term sobriety. Members of this group, already familiar with the treatment process, can engage in activities that promote effective and healthy communication. These exercises are aimed at helping members to navigate, understand, and support each other as their loved ones advance in their recovery journey.

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