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You have already taken the biggest step toward your recovery by seeking help at a substance addiction and mental health disorder treatment facility. Boardwalk Recovery Center believes that the first step is the hardest, which is why we offer a simple, stress-free and streamlined admissions process that helps our staff craft highly individualized plans that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Before you are admitted to a Boardwalk Recovery Center, you will need to begin with the pre-admission process. When you call our facility, our staff of highly-trained and well-qualified admissions coordinators will ask a few questions about your health, including family history, your health history and what you are currently addicted to. We will also provide a complimentary evaluation of your insurance plan. While the Affordable Care Act requires healthcare providers to provide coverage for mental health disorder and substance addiction treatment, they may not cover every aspect of our treatments; therefore, we will evaluate your insurance plan to determine whether or not you will have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Once you have completed the pre-admission process, you will then choose an admissions date and arrive at our facility on that day. We understand that arriving at a facility, where you know no one and are about to make huge changes in your life, can be quite daunting. We want you to know that we will welcome you with open arms and provide you the most comfortable environment possible in order to help you successfully recover.

When you arrive at our facility, our staff will greet you and take you on a tour of our facility. They will inform you of our rules and regulations, as well as what to expect during your treatment experience. After the tour, you will meet with our board certified doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists and rehab clinicians in order to undergo a series of extensive assessments.

Boardwalk Recovery Center Assessments

All of the Boardwalk Recovery Center treatment programs begin with a series of thorough mental and physical assessments or evaluations. We conduct the following assessments:

  • Medical Evaluation: This evaluation includes collecting health information such as health history as well as which substance is being abused.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: Our psychiatrists are able to determine the mindset of our clients which is something that medical records do not show. During this evaluation, we are able to diagnose any underlying mental health issues.
  • Brain Wellness Evaluation: We evaluate memory, motor movements, balance, feeling, etc. It provides an insight into the mind just as the psychiatric evaluation does.
  • Cognitive testing: This test allows us to understand our client’s way of thinking as well as how they face everyday stresses. We use these results to determine how we should approach our treatment programs.
  • Toxicology Testing: We want to know exactly which substances our clients are abusing in order to determine which recovery process they should go through.

Once you have been thoroughly assessed, you will begin your treatment program.

The therapeutic modalities we offer include:

All of our therapies are designed to teach clients how to recognize their negative behaviors and replace them with positive coping mechanisms. Therapy is also helpful to concentrate and focus on your inner-thoughts and psyche in order to reconnect your mind, body and soul. We provide you the tools to help you successfully recover from a substance addiction or mental health disorder.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance addiction or mental health disorder, it is extremely important to seek help. The long-term effects of either one can cause serious damage to your physical and mental health, as well as your relationships and school or work. Boardwalk Recovery Center can provide you the help you need in order to function normally and live a fulfilling life without the need of a substance.

Life can be good again and we’d like to show you how.
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