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Ketamine Misuse: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals

By Anna Lyons, Clinical Director at Boardwalk Recovery Center, San Diego, CA

The Growing Concern Around Ketamine Use

Ketamine has increasingly become a drug of choice for recreational use. Surprisingly this drug was originally developed to be a medical anesthetic. This transition raises concerns due to the potentially severe consequences of misuse.

Key Risks Associated with Ketamine Misuse

Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

To combat the dangers of ketamine misuse, healthcare professionals can take on several strategies:

The Path Forward

Addressing ketamine misuse demands a comprehensive approach that encompasses education, tailored treatment plans, and a supportive community. As healthcare professionals, we must guide our patients through their recovery, providing the necessary tools and resources for a healthier, substance-free life.

For those seeking further information or wishing to discuss this topic in more depth, I invite you to reach out to us at Boardwalk Recovery Center. Together, we can make strides towards overcoming substance misuse and fostering resilient, sober communities.


Ketamine is a drug initially developed for medical anesthesia that has become popular for recreational use. The concern arises from its potential for overdose, addiction, and severe impact on physical and mental health.
The primary risks include overdose, which can be life-threatening, the development of dependence and addiction, and significant harm to cognitive functions, memory, and mental health.
MAT, involving medications like naltrexone, helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, significantly aiding individuals in their recovery from ketamine addiction.
Engaging the patient’s family and community is crucial, as a supportive network can enhance the recovery process, providing a conducive environment for healing and preventing relapse.
For more information or assistance with ketamine misuse, contact Boardwalk Recovery Center. Our team is dedicated to providing support and resources for overcoming substance misuse and achieving a sober life.

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